Ue4 optimization tips

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Ue4 optimization tips

Unreal Engine Beginner Tutorial: Building Your First Game

Point Draw calls tend to have bigger impact on performance than poly counts. It is important to understand what draw calls are when it comes to optimization. The number of draw calls and the number of meshes are not equal. They are the same mesh, but the left one has 2 materials and the right one has 1 material.

In this case the left one has 2 draw calls and the right one has 1 draw call. Note that things like a blueprint component is one of draw calls. Also even if the project is empty, they are a dozens of them because of how real-time rendering is set up.

You cannot say for certain when problems occur because it depends on your contents and your target platform. Also draw call is not the only factor in performance and you need to consider other factors such as pixel shader. X number of triangles are transferred to GPU per draw call, and the same rendering state will be applied to these triangles. So for example, if there was the same number of draw calls, it is faster to transfer 1, tries one time than tris times.

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For official documentation by Epic Games, click here. June 2, September 13, Outline What is a draw call? How many is too many? What is a Draw call? How to check? It shows the number of every draw call generated by mesh. Why should I have less draw calls?

Prefabricator - free UE4 plugin for moduler environment. How to organize your UE4 Marketplace List. Fog and Transparency. Lighting and Shadow in Unreal Engine 4. Notify of.I wanted to talk about a few tips that are good to know about when dealing with replicated properties in native code.

The full explanation of how to replicate a property is somewhat out of the scope of this article, but I can quickly go over the basics here. In the implementation of the actor class, you need to implement the GetLifetimeReplicatedProps function:.

The reason for this is because we bake in as much information as possible, so we can take advantage of sharing work across many connections for the same set of properties. This saves a lot of computation time. So how does one get more fine grain control over how this property replicates? To give you more control over how a property replicates, there is a special macro that allows you to add a secondary condition.

In this case, it will only replicate to clients that have a simulating copy of this actor. This makes it easy for the engine to make the necessary optimizations while still giving you enough control over property replication. There is one more thing to talk about on this subject. The one caveat is that this is per actor, NOT per connection. An example can be seen below. Property replication conditions give a nice balance of control vs.

They give the engine the opportunity to optimize the time it takes to check and send the properties for many connections, while still giving the programmer fine grain control over how and when properties replicate. Be sure to join us over in the forums to continue the discussion!

By submitting your information, you are agreeing to receive news, surveys, and special offers from Unreal Engine and Epic Games. March 31, Features Learning Programming.

ue4 optimization tips

Make something Unreal with the most powerful creation engine Get Started Now. Keep up to date Sign up for Unreal Engine news! Privacy policy.Jump to navigation. This article describes ways to get every bit of performance, visual quality, and design functionality out of a virtual reality VR project.

While this article focuses on specific VR issues, most of the origins are core optimization areas such as poly counts, common performance mistakes, and knowing the more efficient but relative quality solution to apply. At its core, optimization is simple when done early and often.

Imagine balancing a four-sided seesaw on a train, with pins on each seat and a bowling ball on each pin. The train is the rest of the project moving forward. The take-away is that the process is a balancing act, and you must understand all the moving parts in order to have a broad overview of the project. Spending time with the designers, coders, and artists and discovering their methodologies will help you understand the best way to attack the performance optimization issues of each asset.

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If you understand how something has been assembled, you can disassemble it and know how to make all the parts work together more efficiently. The care you take during optimization will help the unique aspects of each game shine through. Start Here While VR offers many new possibilities, it seems that most projects have visuals that are generations old. This article discusses some of the challenges in VR, what developers can do to address them, and what changes are coming to help developers.

ue4 optimization tips

This is a deep dive into performance on the developer side. Readers should have an advanced understanding of game engine technology and have an interest in wringing out the last ounce of power from their systems. This article covers mostly pipeline creation of automated systems to optimize assets and leverage utilization of advanced techniques in relation to optimization. This is not a standard game optimization overview; there are multiple resources on this matter already.

First, we cover what causes slowdown in relation to VR and what you can do about it. For more information about optimization in general, how to identify bottlenecks, and best practices, please look at these articles here.

Currently in VR there are three major issues that affect performance: the VR experience itself, refresh rate, and multiscreen rendering. Some of these issues cause more pain than others. For example, if a person is walking forward, the system expects that the person will continue to walk forward. Another issue is the tracking speed. Each system has a different speed of tracking, and some are not as scalable as others.

Any missing data between tracking speed and frame rate goes back to prediction information. Warping of the images and compositing things like chaperones in the case of Vive is also an issue. In some systems, there have been reports of entire cores being taken up by the composite from OSVR. What can developers do? Right now, not much. The long-term goal would be to create headsets that handle the entire experience on their own.

VR works at 90 FPS—a third faster. Not too bad, right? Unfortunately this issue is much more complicated. Sure, most systems utilize a reprojection feature to assist with the occasional FPS fail, but after a while every system will just default to the next frame rate tier down.

Gulp, so then another third on top of that, right? Lather, rinse, and repeat X number of times a second and boom you have a game.Developing for Virtual Reality VR is a new and exciting challenge. Developers are faced with the challenges of the human biology, which was not too apparent in traditional games. A few dropped frames here and there might be forgiven, but not for VR.

A few frame drops can make the difference between an enjoyable VR experience or a sickness-inducing one. My goal for this post is to go over 7 tips that you can do to help your VR experience run as smooth as possible.

If you are not much of a coder then this is great news. Without having to do any coding, you can speed up your BPs by enabling this new feature. When you are nativizing blueprints, you have the options to make it inclusive or exclusive. Using exclusive nativizing would require you to pick manually which BP objects to nativized.

In addition, nativizing all your BPs can potentially lead to bugs that are a nightmare to trace down. I will be building off the same example for demonstrating nativizing BP.

Then choose the inclusive or exclusive mode. For this example, I am using exclusive. This is all you need to do to nativize a BP object. All there is left to do is package up the project and run the executable afterward to see the difference.

With nativizing BP feature in UE4. Enabling instanced stereo feature in UE4 may help your performance in VR. Instanced stereo does not show much of an improvement for a simple scene with a low number of draw calls. However, when your scene is doing over thousands of draw calls, instanced stereo will help speed things up.

Instanced stereo will render the image for both eyes in parallel, which is faster than rendering one-by-one. The time gain then goes to processing more draw calls.

There are certain expensive post-processes that UE4 have enabled by default that is not ideal for VR. An example of such post-process is Ambient Occlusion.

7 Tips to Optimizing for Virtual Reality with Unreal Engine 4

Other post-processes are an annoyance in VR and even disrupt and break immersion in the VR experience. An example is Lens Flares. Shadows and lightings can easily boggle down your performance. They are expensive to render and hogs up all the CPU cycles, leaving little to process VR related things such as movements and rotations. Instead of using dynamic shadows, you can create a material that looks like shadows. Rendering a material is fast and inexpensive.

Best of all, it looks just as good when you have the materials all setup. Instead of using dynamic lighting, opt for static lighting.

Whenever possible, you should bake as much lighting as you can. This will help keep the per-frame cost as low as possible. You can switch between a 2D and 3D model of objects in the VR scene.Performance and Profiling. As you construct your Animation Blueprintsthere are some practices you should keep in mind to ensure the animation in your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Some of these are enabled by default while others will require that you consider the approach you take in setting up your Animation Blueprints. This allows more animation work to run in worker threads and is enabled by default which you can find in your Project Settings :. This controls whether by default we allow Animation Blueprint Graph updates to be performed on non-game threads.

ue4 optimization tips

This also enables some extra checks in the Animation Blueprint compiler that will warn when unsafe operations are being attempted. The main driver behind this was to control data access more tightly across threads. This proxy structure is where the bulk of the data on UAnimInstance is found. The idea is that in the worst case, tasks wait for completion before data is allowed to be read from or written to in the proxy. This is in conflict with the general use case of UAnimInstance where member variables can be accessed from other classes while tasks are in-flight.

As a recommendation, try to not directly access the Anim Instance at all from other classes. Instead, the Anim Instance should pull data from elsewhere. In the code block below is an example of how one would build a custom native AnimInstance class using the new FAnimInstanceProxygranting access to the internal workings and avoiding copies of shared data between the proxy and the instance:. Animation Fast Path provides a way to optimize variable access inside the AnimGraph update.

This enables the engine to copy parameters internally rather than executing Blueprint code which involves making calls into the Blueprint Virtual Machine. The compiler can currently optimize the following constructs: member variables negated boolean member variables and members of a nested structure.

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In the image below, we are reading several float values which are being used to drive multiple Blend Space assets and a Blend resulting in our Final Animation Pose. Each node denoted with the lightning icon in the upper right corner are utilizing Fast Path as no logic is being executed. If we were to change this network to include any form of calculation such as the example depicted below, the associated node would no longer be using Fast Path.

Below we are using Fast Path by directly accessing and reading the value of our boolean variable to determine our pose. In the next example, we are not using Fast Path as we are performing logic to determine if the boolean variable is equal to true.

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In the next example, we are not using Fast Path as we are performing logic to determine if the boolean variable is not equal to true.

Below we break our rotator variable to directly access our Pitch and Yaw variables to feed our Aim Offset. Some Break Struct nodes like Break Transform will not currently use Fast Path as they perform conversions internally rather than simply copying data. To ensure that your Animation Blueprints are using Fast Path, you can enable the Warn About Blueprint Usage option which will cause the compiler to emit warnings to the Compiler Results log whenever a call into the Blueprint Virtual Machine is made from the AnimGraph.

When the compiler identifies any nodes that are not using Fast Path, they will be displayed in the Compiler Results log. Above, since we are executing Blueprint logic in our AnimGraph and have the warning option enabled, we get a warning message in the compiler results and can click on it to take us to the offending node.

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This can help track down optimizations that need to be made and will enable you to identify the node s that may be the source of the problem. As you start to consider the performance of your animation usage, here are some guidelines that you may want to follow when performing optimizations.

Based on the size and scope of your project, more invasive changes may be needed however this is generally a good place to start.


In UAnimInstance::NeedsImmediateUpdate you can see all the conditions that must be met to avoid the update phase of animation running on the game thread.More results.

I want to make forest scene but when I add some foliage my FPS drops. Can you give me some advice how to solve this problem.

I'm using kite demo asset.

ue4 optimization tips

You should create LODs for all of the assets you are using, that way the further away meshes render less polys in your scene The next step would be to optimize the materials you are using to lower your draw calls and texture usage Black Phoenyx 4. Attachments: Up to 5 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 5. Answers to this question. Could anyone give me a suggestion for LOD level? Search in. Search help Simple searches use one or more words.

Separate the words with spaces cat dog to search cat,dog or both. You can further refine your search on the search results page, where you can search by keywords, author, topic. These can be combined with each other.

Thank you in advance. Product Version: UE 4. Viewable by all users. Follow this question Once you sign in you will be able to subscribe for any updates here Answers to this question. Everything Using UE4.Performance is an omnipresent topic in making real-time games. In order to create the illusion of moving images, we need a frame rate of at least 15 frames per second. Depending on the platform and game, 30, 60, or even more frames per second may be the target.

Unreal Engine provides many features and they have different performance characteristics. In order to optimize the content or code to achieve the required performance, you need to see where the performance is spent. For that, you can use the engine profiling tools. Every case is different and some knowledge about the internals of hardware and software is needed.

The Performance and Profiling pages linked below will guide you through profiling your project. Cooking Statistics. CPU Profiling. Forward Shading Renderer.

GPU Profiling. Performance Guidelines for Artists and Designers. Adjusting Engine Feature Levels. Profiler Tool Reference.

How to Improve Quality

Reducing Packaged Game Size. Scalability and The Developer. Scalability Reference. Stat Commands. Stats System Overview. System Settings. Unreal Insights. Unreal Insights Overview. Unreal Insights Reference. Networking Insights Overview. Animation Insights. Rendering Visualizers.

Out of Bounds Pixels. Core Optimization Concepts for Particle Systems. CSV Profiler.


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